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Mold is a form of fungi that is neither a plant nor animal but develops their own kingdom and rots the area. They can surround trees, stagnant water and anywhere where they find suitable conditions and temperature to grow.

Mold can cause serious health hazard and thus it is necessary to understand what conditions are favorable to its growth and how to avoid them.

Households are also prone to mold; you might have seen green fuzzy layer on your bread when it expires! So here are few situations which can lead to growth of molds in your home!

Dampness of Area:

Molds require considerable moisture to grow and spread. This moisture is present in damp places such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements and laundry rooms.

The mold is always noticed when they spread widely, small amount of mold is never noticed and they are harmless too.

Since the bathrooms and kitchens are closed and have high humidity due to cooking and washing, it causes condensation which allows molds to grow. Due to poor ventilation and presence of moisture the molds spread and accumulate.

Leaks & Seepages:

If the roof is damaged or the ground doesn’t slope away from your house then it means that moisture can seep into your home which may result in development of mold.

Mold can grow around the chimney and even on attic insulation. The surprising part is that mold just requires 48 hours to grow and then it can multiply in matter of few days.

This indoor growth of moulds can pose serious health concerns to residents as it can lead to allergies, asthma and respiratory problems too!


People are not aware but even condensation can cause mold. Cold surfaces get condense especially on the concrete floors even if they are covered with carpets and on metal pipes which eventually becomes the prime spot for mold growth.

Wet Clothes:

If the damp or sweaty clothes are left in a pile for more than a day then they can develop mold into it. Or even if the clothes are left wet for over the day after being washed then also they foster mold.

As we discussed, there are multiple reasons which leads to growth of mold in the home. The following are the triggers or the favorable conditions for the growth of molds and if any area of your home is developing this then you should ensure that they are restricted:


Molds can never grow in the area which is exposed to sun or UV rays. It can only develop in the dark area away from natural light.


Mold never grows in freezing temperatures and thus places which are filled with snow round the year don’t have molds.


This is the prime ingredient- water leaks and humidity!

Mold Spores:

Spores help the molds in multiplying as they reproduce through them.

Food Source:

If the place is damp, dark and contains wood, drywall or cotton then they act as food for molds which eases out their growth.

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