static electricity

Static shock is something we all experience in our lives and in our homes.

You walk across the rug and reach for the door knob and suddenly you get a shock and all your hairs stand straight out from your head. But why does it happen? Learn more here.

Whenever there is imbalance of electric charges within the substance or on the surface of the material, it leads to static shock.

Atoms in any substance are electrically neutral and when the numbers of positive and negative charges are imbalances they lead to situations like these.

Here is how you can reduce static electricity in your home:

  1. Using a Humidifier: Static electricity gets activated in winters because of dry air and due to lack of humidity. Hence it is recommended to use humidifier so that the moisture stays in the air which will reduce building up of static charge. Humidity can also be decreased by having some plants around the home and thus you may put some efforts in planting them.
  2. Treat the Carpets: Walking over the rugs also charge the components of static electricity. Due to dry atmosphere the carpets shrink and thus they need something to expand again. There are many anti-static sprays available in the market which helps in expanding the roots of the carpet and thus making them soft again. Rayon, nylon and polyester fabric are notorious for static cling and therefore fabric softeners are required for carpets.
  3. Skip Clothes Dryer: Folding laundry in winter is a huge task due to the endless static shocks. The clothes dryer is the major source of static electricity and thus you should not use the dryer in winters and rather try to dry clothes on a sunny day. This will save you from the shocks which you may get while folding the laundry and would also save the one who is going to wear it. if that is not feasible then you should run a metal hanger over the clothes as that will reduce electrical charge of the cloth.
  4. Moisturize Your Skin: If you have dry skin you are more likely to get a static current as compared to a person who is properly moisturized. You should always keep your most exposed areas like hands and feet moisturized so that your skin can repel such shocks. Rub the moisturizer on your full body and keep on rubbing on your hands intermittently throughout the day.
  5. Change Your Shoes: Rubber soled shoes create lot of static electricity and thus if anyone in your house wears those shoes, then it’s time to experiment the new one. Leather soled shoes are perfect in reducing accumulated static electricity but you may experiment other and notice the impact.
  6. Vinegar and Baking Soda: You may put either of these in your washing machine which doing laundry as they serve as fabric softener and static reducer as well in the laundry!

So take these steps to reduce static electricity in your home as it can be danger and nuisance too.

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