One of the many things you need to consider in order to keep your home healthy is the humidity level. You need to keep the humidity level in control so that the household atmosphere stays pleasant to live in.

Besides having a healthy household, you should also control the humidity level at home so that your A/C, heater and furnace are not overworked and so mold does not grow. The ideal humidity level at home is supposed to be between 30%-35% in summer, and 40-45% in winter.

Read below to find out some ways you can keep the humidity level in your household in check.


Hygrometer is quite cheap and looks like a thermostat. You can easily buy one for your home, as it will keep you updated about what your ideal humidity level should be at home.


Usually in the winter time, your home lacks humidity. Lack of humidity can also cause several problems. It results in dry skin, dry walls, dying plants and dusty carpets and so on. To prevent this, use a humidifier that will increase the humidity level in the house.


High humidity level increases heat during the summer time. It also causes health issues like headaches, stomach aches, and suffocation and so on, and it makes insects like termites breed in the household. The best way to deal with excessive humidity is to buy a dehumidifier that can balance the humidity level during the summer time. Do take care of your humidifier and empty the water from it on a regular basis.

Move Away the Heater:

If the humidity level increases too much at home, you should move away the heater or furnace from the main rooms, and maybe keep it in a room where nobody lives. Heater usually makes the atmosphere more humid than necessary.

Open the Windows:

If the atmosphere at home becomes too stuffy and humid, try opening the windows and let the air in, be it cool or hot air.

Use Exhaust Fans:

Fans do not really actively help in decreasing humidity but it circulates the air around the household. Especially in bathrooms, a lot of humid airs are created, thus, it’s necessary to install exhaust fan in the bathroom.


Kitchens also produce humidity, therefore, you need to use a chimney or exhaust fan in the kitchen to balance the humidity level.

So, that’s how you go about checking the humidity level at home. Taking care of the atmosphere of your household makes living there more fun, so don’t take this lightly!

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