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It is no surprise that the right carpet can “make or break” your house. If chosen correctly, it will add comfort and coziness to the room and will make a great element of the overall decor. However, in case of any damage, the carpet will lose its appearance and will detract the coziness of the room. So if you want to keep your carpet clean and protected, you should follow these simple tips:

First, use professional cleaning services. Professionals are very knowledgeable and experienced in terms of carpet types, stain removal and so on. They will not only clean your carpet and make it look as new, but they can also protect your carpet. Professional cleaners use special solutions that shield the carpet fibers and protect them from wear, germs, and dirt. Learn more here:

Try to use doormats outside each door. This is a very simple trick, but very effective. As the majority of the dirt and debris comes in from the outside, this step will encourage people to wipe their shoes off before entering the house. It will also cut on the allergens that might be tracked into your home, like pollen.

With the same logic, try to get into the habit of taking your shoes off when you enter the house. This is also a simple tip, but it will eliminate the muddy footsteps, dirt, and debris on the carpet.

Other than that, try to train your pets to stay off the carpet, as they tend to scratch, bite, and damage carpets quite often. Not to mention without proper training they tend to have accidents on the carpet very frequently, which will not only lead to carpet damage, but also to area contamination and health damage. So if your pets are not trained properly, you better not allow them around the carpet at all.

Use coasters for heavy furniture and don’t drag heavy objects on the carpet. Heavy objects and especially furniture can permanently damage your carpet, crushing the carpet fibers and leaving ugly marks all over it. And although it might not seem like a problem right now, when you decide to redesign the room and move the furniture around, you will see the damage and the marks all around. So make sure to use special coasters to protect your carpet to the best of your ability.

This might seem strange, but try to install curtains or at least blinds. Carpet tends to lose color and become faded if it is exposed to sunlight for too long (in the period of a few years).  You can prevent that by using curtains or blinds, in order to avoid exposing the carpet to sunlight for too long of a period.

Clean your carpet regularly. Regular vacuuming will not only protect the appearance of your carpet, but it also feels nice and prevents you from developing allergies and health issues. Spot-cleaning your carpet in case of any accidents is also a good idea since any spills can lead to mold growth.

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