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We’ve provided tips on how to reduce humidity and how to reduce static electricity in your home and today we want to reduce toxins in your home.

Toxins come in many forms. Often times toxins are brought in from the outdoors and other times toxins are produced in the home. You can cause harm to your home and your health if too many toxins are in your home.

That’s why we’ve created this list of ideas for how to reduce toxins in your home:

(1) Shoes Off

You can lower the number of toxins in a home if you require your friends and family to remove their shoes before they enter the home.

Create a space in your garage or entry area for guests and family to remove and store their shoes during the time they are in your home. This will limit the amount of toxins brought in from the bottom of shoes.

The bottom of shoes can contain contaminants from concrete and pavement as well as germs and bacteria from the floors of public restrooms and stores and commercial properties.

(2) Chemical Free

You can also lower your exposure to toxins if you purchase and use fewer chemicals in your home. You can substitute cleaning products and chemicals with natural and DIY alternatives using lemons and vinegar.

You can also hire services that use green products and safer solutions. In Portland, Hello Carpets & Floors offers professional carpet cleaning that is safe for your home and your family.

Besides cleaning chemicals, you can lower your exposure to beauty products and cosmetics. Aerosol spray cans and makeup and other beauty products contain many toxins and are dangerous over an extended period of time.

(3) Smoking

If anyone in your family smokes cigarettes or if guests do, you should offer a designated area outdoors for them to smoke. You do not want to have cigarette smoke in the air in your home if you hope to lower the amount of toxins in the air.

(4) HEPA Filter

You should insall a HEPA air filter in your home. This type of air filter is very good at trapping toxins, particles and contaminants in the air and preventing them from continuing to circulate throughout the air in your home.

You can install the filter on your own or hire a HVAC contractor to complete the job for you. The total cost is relatively inexpensive.

(5) Cleaning

The more you clean the more likely you are to kill toxins in the home and germs and bacteria. You should use the green cleaning alternatives we mentioned above and clean surfaces and floors multiple times each week.

You can remove toxins from carpet if you vacuum and you can remove toxins from countertops and tables with dusting and wiping down surfaces.

You do not have to live with toxins in your home. You can reduce toxins in your home if you set a few new rules in place in your home concerning shoes and smoking and do a good job or removing chemical products from your bathroom and cleaning cabinets.

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